Double Fried Cassava Chips

The cassava, like yam, is staple in the Liberian and Sierra Leonean diet, as is rice.   It’s never really been a part of my diet, having only ever had it in the form of cassava fufu, which I’m not too keen on.  Though during spring this year I rediscovered it and became a little […]

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Cham Cham @ Benk + BO, 28th September 2018

28th September @ Benk + BO Menu Cassava ‘Blinis’ with Pork Loin & CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce *** Cassava Leaf Plasas with Dry Fish *** Lamb Ribs with Lemony CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce *** King Prawns and Egusi with Dumboy *** Hibiscus, Lemon and Ginger Cake (V) £40.00 per head (excl. Eventbrite admin. […]

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Seafood Okra Stew

Aww okra, my one true vegetable love!  I’ve mentioned many a time that okra is my favourite vegetable.  I know many people go on about it being slimey (which only happens when cooked slowly) but that is exactly why I love it!

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Charred Jacato, Aubergine and Feta Salad

Jacato (known to others as garden egg or African eggplant) are part of the aubergine family, though much smaller, creamy white in colour and a little more bitter than your purple aubergine.  You’ll be familiar with jacato if you’ve tried my recipe for jacato babaganoush or you’ve been to one of my supper clubs (returning early […]

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Lamb Ribs

When there’s mention of ribs, I usually think pork and beef ribs and would normally only eat lamb ribs at a restaurant, and never buy them myself.  Though on a recent visit to the butchers the lamb ribs diverted my eyes away from the usual go-to, and I’m happy they did.

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Photo taken by Kenzie Greene Photography and Design

Plantains wrapped in Smoked Bacon

Plantains are the banana’s favourite sibling.  Actually, scrap that.  They are the banana’s mother, and a mother that rocks!!!! Unlike the banana, plantains HAVE to be cooked before eaten (please don’t try to eat them raw) because of its high starch content but like a banana, you peel them before cooking them. You can get […]

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'If I haven't eaten rice today, I haven't eaten anything'

Famous Sierra Leonean saying