Corn on the Cob with CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Lime and Butter Sauce

I think corn on cob could be my second favourite vegetable (in case you’ve forgotten, okra is number one for me). Crunchy, juicy and so much sweeter tasting when on the cob and well worth that extra floss to dislodge the kernels from your teeth afterwards. Ha ha ha!

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Photo taken by Kenzie Greene Photography and Design

Plantains wrapped in Smoked Bacon

Plantains are the banana’s favourite sibling.  Actually, scrap that.  They are the banana’s mother, and a mother that rocks!!!! Unlike the banana, plantains HAVE to be cooked before eaten (please don’t try to eat them raw) because of its high starch content but like a banana, you peel them before cooking them. You can get […]

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Paprika and Chilli Spiced Nuts

My trip to Liberia feels so long ago but it’s only over a month since I have been back. In that time, I have slowly been wading my way through the hoard of ingredients I bought back with me, as well as some dried goods such as pap (breakfast porridge made of  country rice) and […]

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