CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce

I’m mad about chillies and hot peppers so it was only natural that I created my own hot sauce! This is my take on a hot pepper sauce Liberians and Sierra Leoneans make, with onions forming the base for this CHAMpion sauce.

The perfect condiment at a barbecue or picnic, with your eggs at breakfast, with your grilled meat, fish or veg. or as a chutney with your cheese!  CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce is made from some of the hottest peppers – scotch bonnet –  no artificial stuff, it’s just full of HOT stuff!!!

Ingredients: White Onions, Rapeseed oil, Tomato Puree, Sugar, SESAME Seed Oil, Lemon Juice, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt.

190g | Allergens: Contains SESAME Seed Oil | Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and is Gluten and Dairy Free.

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Fans of Cham Cham Hot Pepper Sauce say…..

Photo taken by Kenzie Greene, Studying Graphic Design at Central St. Martins

…liquid gold…’ Fork Monkey

‘Had some of your Cham Cham sauce with eggs this morning. Heavenly!’ Kate Smith, London

‘Turns out Cham Cham Original Hot Pepper Sauce goes beautifully with just about anything. Delicious.’ Kate Landi, London

‘Used Cham Cham Hot Pepper Sauce in my pasta last night…added during simmering stage with garlic, onion, broccoli, pepper, mushrooms and chicken and brown pasta, seriously delicious!’ Kim Rezel, London





CHAM CHAM Ma Etta’s Ginger Beer

My Grandma, Ma Etta, used to make and sell this at the market in Liberia.  She taught my Mama how to make it and my Mama taught me – My Mama now says I make it better than her!

This drink is always the first to run out at a family party.  Great to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day or warm you up on a cold winter’s night! We also suggest teaming it with some vodka, rum or gin to really lift this drink!

Email me at to place an order (minimum order of 3 litres @ £6.50 per litre).

Fans of Ma Etta’s Ginger Beer say…..

‘I’ve decided that Ma Etta’s Ginger Beer must be an excellent pregnancy sickness remedy as it’s the first time I haven’t felt sick in the evening or morning for ages – wish I’d discovered it sooner!’ Cat Seldon, London