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CHAM CHAM Original Hot Pepper Sauce (190g)   £5.00

CHAM CHAM Extra Hot Hot Pepper Sauce (190g)   £5.00

CHAM CHAM Lemony Hot Pepper Sauce (190g)   £5.00

Miniature CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce Trio Set (3 x 30g) – Extra Hot, Lemony, Original   £4.00

Limited Edition CHAM CHAM Wild Garlic Hot Pepper Sauce (190g)   £6.50


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CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce Range

I’m mad about chillies and hot peppers so it was only natural that I created my own hot sauce range! This range is my take on a hot pepper sauce Liberians and Sierra Leoneans make, with onions forming the base for this CHAMpion sauce.

The perfect condiment at a barbecue or picnic, with your eggs at breakfast, with your grilled pork chop, smothered over your roasted cauliflower, with your plantains, king prawns and aioli, stirred through rice, or as a chutney with your cheese!  CHAM CHAM Hot Pepper Sauce is made from some of the hottest peppers – scotch bonnet –  no artificial stuff, it’s just full of HOT stuff!!!

Also stocked at Kitchen Provisions in Stoke Newington and Coal Drops Yard

Ingredients contained in all varieties (quantities vary): White Onions, Rapeseed oil, Tomato Puree, Sugar, SESAME Seed Oil, Lemon Juice, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt (the quantity of each ingredients varies depending on the variety of hot pepper sauce.  Refer to labels on jar for further details or contact me with any specific queries).


Gluten free, dairy free and vegan