Photo taken by Kenzie Greene Photography and Design

Plantains wrapped in Smoked Bacon

Plantains are the banana’s favourite sibling.  Actually, scrap that.  They are the banana’s mother, and a mother that rocks!!!! Unlike the banana, plantains HAVE to be cooked before eaten (please don’t try to eat them raw) because of its high starch content but like a banana, you peel them before cooking them. You can get […]

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Cham Cham @Jago, 29th September 2017

Summer is officially over, no more bank holidays and Christmas is just around the corner…..and so is CHAM CHAM Supper Club!  We’re back! Come join us at Jago for our first supper club this autumn – yes, it’ll officially be autumn by the end of this month.

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Yam and Plantain Cakes

Don’t worry this isn’t the dessert kind of cake, and I’m on a break from baking. This is a savoury dish as I am not sure yams and plantains are quite the right ingredients combined to make a great dessert and have people drooling over it! This is one of many dishes I have been […]

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