Nim’s Din. Presents…Cham Cham Summer Events

I’m pleased to announce 2 great events for Cham Cham this summer.  First up , Cham Cham will be popping up at Africa at Spitalfields on 31st August where you chow down on  pots of binch and plantains, bbq roast beef skewers, jacato babaganoush, akara topped with my hot pepper sauce, scotch bonnet aioli….and then you can wash it down with some homemade ginger beer!  The market is free and there is a long list of amazing traders to check out!

2012-04-03 15.38.23

Then on 10th September, Cham Cham will be  taking a little trip from my flat to host a supper club at Hatch.   We’ll be serving up 5 courses to 30 lovely people where you’ll have the chance to hear about stories and traditions behind some Sierra Leonean and Liberian dishes.  Tickets go on sale soon!

So keep an eye out for more information on Africa at Spitalfields and for tickets to go on sale for Cham Cham at Hatch.


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