What our guests have to say about CHAM CHAM SUPPER CLUB….

Sat, 29 Apr 2017

Wonderful meal and wonderful hosts! It was an absolutely lovely experience that you just won’t find in a commercial restaurant.

Gaby Sat, 29 Apr 2017

Lordy me that was good! I’ve been around trying out lots of different food for MANY years and it was a delight to try flavours I’ve never had before – it was a real adventure ride for taste buds! From the first warm welcome from Nims and her fabulous mum to the last scraping off the plate of the fabulous lime cheesecake with peanut and ground rice base (oooh my word!) it was a delight – we were lucky to share the table with the loveliest guests and basically a completely fab night. I think Nims will go far -way at the forefront of looking at new twists on regional African food. Nims i will be seeing you at your market stall very soon – we already started on your sauce for breakfast – i think its the best new sauce I’ve had in decades!! (please say you sell it at the stall – i may need to buy 10 of them! Thanks so much

Sarah Sun, 26 Mar 2017

This was our first supper club experience and we were very impressed. The food was absolutely beautiful and flavour packed. It was like nothing we have ever eaten before. Nima is very warm and friendly and made us feel very welcome. Nima explained the significance of each dish and gave some really interesting insights into the ingredients and food we were eating. I would highly recommend Nim’s Din to all

Sylvia Mon, 27 Feb 2017

Great food. What an ingenious way to serve jacato. And, I completely fell in love with the lemony ground nut soup. Met Nim’s family who were also genuinely lovely and friendly.

Leslie Sun, 26 Feb 2017

Warm and fun atmosphere, scrumptious meal and that PEPPER SAUCE alone is worth the booking. Everyone should do themselves a favour and experience this unique and delicious event.

Xavier Mon, 1 Aug 2016

Excellent evening and great to try such wonderful new food. And the crew behind it makes everyone feel at home.

Charlie Thu, 21 Apr 2016

Lovely people, tasty food… sensational ginger beer! Cracking evening all round.

Marsha Tue, 19 Apr 2016

Lovely hosts, food and company. We had an amazing evening 🙂

Katie Mon, 21 Mar 2016

100 % straight 5’s no question!! Highly enjoyable evening and Hatch was a perfect venue for a supper club. The whole menu was very well thought out, the food was so fresh and flavoursome and Nima spent time explaining each course as they were delivered after being carefully transported on little trays up a beautiful wrought iron staircase! I even had a special vegetarian starter of plantain minus the bacon with my own mini jar of the infamous hot pepper sauce! A nice touch. I learnt about traditional African ingredients and loved the way Nima had created a new and exciting way of combining them with more contemporary tastes. A soft boiled egg with binch was something I might try to recreate for a tasty hearty breakfast at home and the fresh mango salad was reminiscent of being on holiday! I am already looking forward to the next one!! Thank you

Haja Sun, 20 Mar 2016

Nim was really welcoming & friendly. The food was delicious. I especially loved the hot pepper sauce & have quickly worked my way through the jar. Being Sierra Leonean it was interesting to see how she paired our cuisine with a British twist. The plantain & bacon was a nice combination. It was a great atmosphere as everyone around the table was friendly & enjoying themselves. I loved the ginger beer and would highly recommend this event to anyone looking to try our grub.

Kate Sun, 20 Mar 2016

Utterly amazing amazing food! Each dish was absolutely delicious. I wasn’t a great fan of African food prior to this supper club, but now love it. Nima gave a bit of an explanation about each dish which made it even more enjoyable. She is a genius in the kitchen, can’t wait until the next one.

Tally Sun, 20 Mar 2016

Nim’s food was great and Hatch is such a lovely intimate, quirky space. The conversation was flowing and so were the drinks ;-). Mama Etta’s ginger beer with or without Rum is a must try! Also special thanks to Nim for sharing her cheesecake base secret with me… It will definitely be put in good use… Soon!

Sun, 20 Mar 2016

Nim is very friendly and welcoming, as were the team at Hatch – this was a great venue for this kind of event. Nim’s food was wonderful and she introduced each course to explain its ingredients, history and how and when it’s traditionally eaten. The home made ginger beer was the best I’ve tasted and everyone asked for the cheesecake recipe at the end. Great conversation and lots of happy supper clubbers at the table. Thank you for a great night.

Leslie Thu, 12 Nov 2015

Everyone I was introduced to was friendly. I enjoyed the ginger beer the beans, cassava leaves and fish soup. I liked to that you introduced yourself and then talked about the type of food which you cooked for the supper club. I will of course continue to promote on westafricacooks website. I look forward to the next event

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