What does CHAM CHAM mean?

If you haven’t been to CHAM CHAM Supper Club (shame on you –  here’s the page for you to bookmark IMMEDIATELY) you may not know what cham cham means.

I’ve come to learn the term is commonly used in many different languages, all having very different meanings.  Though in Krio, the most widely spoken second language of people in both Liberia and Sierra Leone (Krio is not officially recognised as a national language in either country), cham cham in the literal sense means to chew.  But if you were to arrive at someone’s house, go to a bar, or go to a party you would ask, ‘Yu get lili cham cham?’ you’d be asking for a small bite or snack to cham on.  At home this maybe some granat (peanuts), but at a party you’d be served smal cham cham such as ros bif or akara.


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