Cham Cham @ HATCH, 19th March 2016

Back at Hatch for the first time this year!

Flyer for blog cropped

Photo taken in the streets of Liberia, Jan. 2016 – Nim’s Din.


19th March 2016

Ma Etta’s Homemade Ginger Beer (V)

Lift this aperitif by purchasing some vodka, gin or rum from the HATCH bar


Plantain wrapped in The Black Farmer Hickory Smoked Back Bacon & Cham Cham Hot Pepper Sauce (contains sesame seed oil)


Spicy Mango & Gari Salad (V)


Binch topped with an Egg (V)


Shrimp Okra Stew with Steamed Basmati Rice


Kanyah & Lime Cheesecake (V) (N)

£35.00 per head (excluding Grub Club admin. fees)

Buy Now Via

A few vital things to note!

Cash/Card bar @ HATCH, no BYOB

Refund policy – unfortunately I can’t give refunds so please check your diary to be sure you can make it before booking.

20 guests are able to attend this supper club so book fast!

Pre-booking is essential.

Any questions please contact me at

Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.

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